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plastic-copyU-Fill It Kettlebells.  These kettlebells, made of 100% recycled material are virtually indestructible.  Designed as a cost effective approach to kettlebell training, these loadable bells are great for building your kettlebell collection; simply keep them loaded so they’re always at the ready.  These bells have been tested with everything from water to sand to steel shot, all without leakage, breakage or even the slightest dent.

An added advantage to these bells is that unloaded they weigh just 2lbs, making them perfect for travel – you’ll never have to be away from your  favorite art of strength workout again.

Sorry these are limited to just 4 per customer.

U-Fill it Facts:
2lbs empty
12lbs filled with water
18lbs filled with sand
49lbs filled with shot
100% recyclable
made in the USA



One Response to “U-FILL IT KETTLEBELL”
  1. Doug Parra says:

    Yes it does. You can fill it with water, sand or lead shot bb’s.

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