Testimonial 1

All my life I’ve been considered morbidly obese and I blamed my weight loss failures on bad genes. I finally came to the conclusion that surgery was my only option. Thanks to Doug and Collective Fitness, I don’t need surgery and I have lost 140lbs.!!!!!!
– Rosey

Testimonial 2

I knew summer was just around the corner, and I wanted to feel good about wearing my bikini in public. I joined Collective Fitness group personal training program and lost 20 pounds in 12 weeks! With Doug by my side I not only got Bikini ready but I gained energy, confidence and happiness! – Taylor Phillips, Orlando

Testimonial 3

Hey Doug,

Yes, I was that 140 lbs. soaking wet skinny kid in high school, that people assume would need to jump around the shower to get any water at all, and who would rely on the crease in his pants to keep them up. I was always below average in length of the tee and relied heavily on my short game to score well. When I met Doug in 2004, we started off with a lot of postural work, since I was also plagued with a hereditary bad back, and a shoulder slouch that could’ve given Notre Dame’s “Bellman” a run for his money. Slowly we incorporated more lifting and weight work-outs, but always keeping functionality and golf as the top priority. His information load to any type of fitness related topic is unparalleled by anyone else I have worked with in this field, whether it concerns nutrition, weight gain/loss, sport specific workout routines etc. In fact, I remember the first few months of doing Doug’s programs in the gym on my own, every session I had at least one person watch me and often consequently ask me what I was doing. What I was doing seemed so unusual, often with moves or exercises, the others had never even seen before. Furthermore, his programs are adaptable to almost any situation. Being a professional golfer, I live out of hotel rooms a lot, with limited space and equipment, yet we’ve always figured a way out, how I can use what I’ve got and train almost as efficiently as in my regular gym.

Since working with him I have gained about 20 lbs. of solid muscle which translated into more yards off the tee. Furthermore, his stretch programs, postural examination, myofascial sessions have helped me not only strengthen my swing, but also increase my body awareness making further technical swing improvements far less difficult to achieve. As fitness/health is much more than just eating right and being in shape physically, but also finding a balance in mind and body, the work with Shishir Inocalla has been the perfect complimentary tool. His wisdom and guidance in Yoga, Tai-Chi and various other methods of body/mind training enable me to take the work I have and am still doing with Doug to a level, which takes one beyond breaking a sweat and feeling the burn. It helps me to develop an inner strength to match my improved physical condition. If you’re looking for an improvement in physical/mental condition, whether it’s for a professional sport or just increased quality of life, and are not afraid to stand out doing things differently in a positive manner, then this team will deliver. Leave your old conceptions of training with your last work out, and get ready for a complete mind/body transformation. It’ll be worth every sore muscle and drop of sweat :o)
-Jan Meierling

Testimonial 4

I have worked out my whole life being an athlete.  Never have I seen results so quickly until I met Doug.  I have only been in the class for a little over 4 weeks and I see results EVERY SINGLE WEEK!  I feel confident using Doug’s system that I will reach my goals sooner than I think.  It’s a new lifestyle I wish I would have started long ago.
-Tommy Naddeo

Testimonial 5

I am not only a trainer, I am also a client. I have always known that dieting was the key behind any effective HEALTH program but within my everlasting search have never pinpointed what was best for me until now. You name it, I have experimented with it and put my whole body in ketosis to ultimate state and had to fight my way back. Through 8 years of training I have been through various styles of workouts from the slow rep programs to sport specific to body building style programs, none has been as intense and given me the results I have wanted like Collective Fitness has. I have gone from a 34 inch waist to a 30inch in 3½ weeks. No more lovin’ for my love handles, baby!! Doug is not only a friend for me but a Fitness Guru. Thanks D. -Nelson

Testimonial 6




I joined Collective Fitness group personal training program at the end of May and it entered my life at a great time. I had started my program of watching my calorie intake and joined Collective Fitness to begin exercising. I lost about 30 lbs. and went from a size 16 to size 12. Collective Fitness group personal training program helped me get from a size 12 to size 10. I now have a shape to my body. I have a waist, muscle and am toned. Collective Fitness group personal training program is hard work and Doug works each and every member to their full potential/level of exercise. What I like the most about group personal training program is that Doug not only works your butt off , he also provides each member with valuable information on healthy eating and being able to achieve your dream body. I could not have achieved these goals without Collective Fitness. (Currently- Sept., I am in size 8 and a total weight loss of 47 lbs.

Testimonial 7

As a wife, the principal’s secretary at a very busy large school, and an involved grandmother of four active grandchildren, I don’t have a lot of ‘extra time’, but I was concerned about my health, my energy level, and my appearance, so I joined Collective Fitness group personal training program. Another concern I had was my balance and a family history of osteoporosis.  My mother and three of my grandparents broke their hips in their later years.  I already have a yearly dexa scan to check my bone density.

I am in my upper 50’s, and have been working out at Collective Fitness since late June.  My daughter, Jennifer, told me about the Collective Fitness group personal training program, and how she felt she was benefiting from his fitness instruction.  I went for the first week to see if it was a program that I could do. His program is individually modified for each person’s fitness level and ability, so although I am probably the oldest person in his class, I have also increased my fitness level as well as the younger members. I have also modified my eating plan.

So far, I have also lost over 15 pounds, and have gone from a size 14 to a size 10, and am heading down to a size 8.  My balance is better, and my energy level has also increased.  Other people have noticed the changes, and I am happy with the results.

Do we work out and get sweaty?   YES….. but I do feel better about my health and my appearance, and I am glad I joined Collective Fitness group personal training program.


Testimonial 8

Before Collective Fitness group personal training program I thought I ate well and I worked out 3-5 days a week. I still couldn’t get the results I wanted and my weight fluctuated. It was always a struggle and a source of frustration for me. Every time I tried to lose weight, I got discouraged because I didn’t see results. That finally changed when I joined Collective Fitness. Doug not only provided me with training I needed but all the nutritional advice as well. By the second week of class I noticed changes. I have lost 12 pounds so far, but more importantly I have a renewed confidence in myself.

-Samantha Hinnant

Testimonial 9

Coming from someone who has had the opportunity to work with numerous personal trainers throughout the years, I have to say that Doug is hands down the absolute best.  His caring approach and personal commitment to your success is unmatched by anyone I have worked with in the past.  His knowledge of physiology and body mechanics allows him to truly create workout routines that suit any individuals experience level and the results are amazing.  The workouts are never dull or boring as most of the exercises do not fall into the standard bench press, squat or curl.  If you want the glory of having everyone watch you sweat your butt off wondering what the heck you are training for because they never saw such intense training, work with Doug.  He is not for the faint at heart.  You will work harder than you ever have in the past and will keep coming back for more because the rewards are so great you can’t stand it.  Good luck. And if you are looking for a total transformation in body, mind and spirit you needn’t look any further either because Doug, along with Nelson will work with you in those elements as well.
Happy training!
– Nicole McClone – Orlando, FL

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