Youth Programs

Youth Programs

F.I.T. stands for Fundamental Initial Training

Program: small group training depending on age range

Assessment: All age groups will be evaluated through either an abbreviated Functional Movement Screening or the Full version of the screening process if 14 and over.

Ages 6-9 : This group are supplied with the knowledge and skill of awareness of movement and space through fitness oriented games. Such as red light, green light with fitness movement. At this stage they also learn body weight exercises, speed and agility patterns all with underlying “fun” aspect.

Ages 10 -13: This group learns the fundamentals of lifting and a bit more of what proper squating, lunging, push-ups are. Here we introduce weighted resistance after the instructor feels the youth has a great understanding of the fundamentals. Tools such as sandbags, resistance bands, kettlebells, among other things are introduced at a slow and deliberate rate. Again, bodyweight still will be of main concentration here.

Ages 14 – 18: This group still will begin with bodyweight exercises and the understanding of fundamental movemements but now can take more detailed instruction. They will be progressed quicker than the younger ages depending on how the instructor feels they are picking fundamentals and more detail specific exercise regimens will be implemented.