1 on 1 Personal Training

1 on 1 Personal Training

Our personally supervised exercise sessions with our elite performance trainers.

Our trainers rank top in their profession, implement unique exercise protocols and have a complete understanding of the how to make your body look, feel and function and its best. Whether your goal is to get in shape, improve your sports performance, reduce pain or to improve your health and quality of life our system of training will help you attain the results you have been looking for.

Prior to designing your specific exercise program our initial evaluation session consists of the following components:

Initial Postural Evaluation

Our evaluation system uses the newest break through in scientific testing called Posturology – a neuro-muscular re-programming of “out of tune sensors” in the feet, eyes, jaw and skin. Abnormalities in the postural system could lead to unwanted muscle solicitation which may cause poor technique in any physical activity, as well as possible injuries.

First, we analyze your feet and eyes; the body’s main receptors. This will help to establish both your postural type and identify any dysfunction.

Next, the muscular-skeletal system is assessed using both range of motion and functional tests, designed to identify any muscular weakness as well as restrictions in movement.

Functional Movement Screen Analysis

This screen will tell us how well you are able to move in specific movement patterns such as the 1.) squat, 2.) lunge, 3.) hurdle step, 4.) trunk stability push up, 5.) shoulder mobility, 6.) rotational stability and 7.) active straight leg raise. This information will help us to determine what your needs are and if you need any exercise modifications. It is very important that we address any postural, muscles imbalances and joint limitations from the very start so we do not add fitness on top of dysfunction.

Comparative ROM (Range of Motion) Assessment

We will assess the range of motion of the various joints of the body. We will get a closer look at a left/right side comparison of the major joints such as the hips, shoulders, knees etc.

Once all the above information is gathered we will design your exercise program that consists of the following parts:

1.)  Corrective stretching/exercise program to improve posture & the FMS score

2.) Pre-Workout Warm Up Routine (Mobility and Activation exercises)

3.) Strength training program that is specific to your goals: improve posture, fat loss, sports performance, rehab

4.) Cardio vascular or Energy System routine which can be aerobic, anaerobic based or a combination of the two.