Resistance Band Training Economy Package

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Resistance Band Training Economy Package

band-training-largeEliminate low back and shoulder pain with low resistance flexibility training

The RBT Economy Package will provide you a guaranteed option to workout regardless your schedule, location or time

The RBT Economy Package comes with:

2 Mini Bands

2 Monster Mini Bands

1 Pair of Handles

1 Band utility Strap

Flexband Strength Training E-Book

Consider this…

·A treadmill will cost you $3000…

·Weights and Machines will run you easily $1500….

·A stationary Bike is boring and will cost you $500…..

·You won’t need to remodel your home….  $$$Unlimited

I think $85 is pretty darn good price considering you will be able to do everything those machines do and still have money left over to spend on new clothes as the fat evaporates and your body transforms into a lean mean high energy machine

Catch the RBT Fever without the risk or headaches of assembling equipment.


All bands come with a 1 year warranty…

… and I am so confident that these products will provide you with everything you need to get start training  with resistance bands that if you don’t think  bands are an awesome way to training approach and tool, return them within 60 days and I will refund your money!


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