Product of the Month: Resistance Band Economy Package

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Product of the Month: Resistance Band Economy Package

Resistance Band Economy Package

The Economy package is going to definitely going fit perfect with beginning fitness individuals, females who are working hard to get stronger but lack upper body strength, parents of young athletes that want to start a safe strengthening program or individuals who travel and want a light weight gym they can take on the road. The economy package will easily fit all these needs while providing you a outstanding workout.

Don’t be fooled by the size the bands, I have trained 100’s of highly conditioned individuals and got the job done with black and red bands.

Also as a boot camp owner, the economy package seems to fit best with many of your clients when the Total Fitness Package is a bit outside their budget or strength level.

This package Includes: 2 Red Bands 2 Black Bands 1 Band Utility Strap 1 Pair of Training Handles My Proven 4 Week Beginner Digital Workout Program, and a FREE RBT Sport Bag

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