Doug Parra

Doug Parra

National Strength & Conditioning Association certified C.S.C.S and a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute B.S.

Doug Parra is a former professional soccer player and is no stranger to physical conditioning.
Doug has traveled internationally to work with world-renowned strength and conditioning coaches Charles Poliquin, Ian King and Posturologist Paul Gagne.

In late 1998, Doug’s travels eventually lead him to the introduction of Paul Chek’s Corrective High-Performance Exercise Kinesiology program (C.H.E.K Level 2), Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach program (NLC) and Certified Golf Biomechanic’s program.

The knowledge from the C.H.E.K. , NLC & Golf Biomechanic program has allowed Doug to help rehabilitate people from all lifestyles and condition athletes from all levels. Doug also works very closely with Michel Joubert D.P.M renowned podiatrist who has helped top level athletes in the CFL, NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL.  Recently Doug has taken many courses with renowned French Osteopath Dr. Guy Voyer and has completed certifications in myofascial stretching and ELDOA techniques L.O.A.D.S ( Longitudinal Osteo Articular Decompression Stretches). Doug has also completed his Level 1 Nutrition for Life certification based on the life work of Dr. Ray Peat who is the world’s leading authority in nutritional science and hormonal imbalances in the body. His desire is to bring his clients the best information available in the fields of biomechanics/sports/health/wellness and nutrition.

Since 1999, Doug has worked with soccer players, nationally ranked figure skaters, top amateur PGA and LPGA Tour players. Doug currently owns and operates Collective Fitness a very specialized health, wellness and sports performance facility that teaches individuals, sports teams, and corporations how to live a healthy lifestyle and to perform at their best whether at work, home or on the playing field.