Featured Business of the Month: Coconut Clean

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Featured Business of the Month: Coconut Clean

The Coconut Clean Dream

Our Mission is to make the world smell and feel better, naturally, while co-existing in harmony with the environment.

It all started one day when we decided we didn’t want to use somebody else’s idea of fresh and natural.
Most store bought brands use synthetic fragrances in all of their bath products, something Coconut Clean promises never to do. From the soft, rich essence of fresh vanilla to the spicy, warm smells of lavender and patchouli we have perfected our aromatherapy. We believe that we have established a line of products and scents that you and your family will love. From the cooling sensation of real Peppermint and Eucalyptus, to the calming effect of Lavender, we are sure you will find something to fit everyone’s
tastes. Tested on friends and family, never on animals, we at Coconut Clean are proud and excited to
introduce our line of all natural , hand made products for you and your family to enjoy!

All products are made in America by us. We use only pure, organic ingredients, the natural way. All of our amazingly delicious aromas are formulated with pure essential oils. We donʻt use ready-made soap base, foaming agents or synthetic fragrances. We test on friends and family, never on animals. They are vegan friendly. We offer discounts for recycling/refilling..Please inquire.

Our products are free of parabens, petroleum, SLS, chemicals, synthetic fragrance, gluten, soy, palm oil, preservatives and animal testing. All of our products are made with certified Organic ingredients and 100% Essential oils. They are 100% Paraben Free, 100% Petroleum Free, 100% Alcohol Free, 100% Cruelty Free, 100% Palm oil free, 100% Soy free, 100% Gluten free, 100% SLS Free, 100% Cocamide MEA/DEA Free, 100% Coco betaine Free, 100% DMDM Hydantoin Free, 100% Cetrimonium Chloride Free, 100% synthetic *Fragrance free and perfume free, 100% free from artificial colors& dyes – Tested on Humans, never on Animals!

*If ever the word fragrance is listed as a product ingredient, it is ALWAYS artificial.

Eight hand crafted aromatherapy lines include:
Hawaiian – essential oil from the islands
Coconut White Chocolate – A delicious blend
Earth & Sky – Floral and Sandalwood, very moisturizing
Geranium Rose Petal – with organic rose petals
Orangewood Sunrise –awaking citrus with woody tones
Desert Sunset – A rich, spicy blend with clove
Peppermint – With a hint of Eucalyptus
Lavender – Calming, therapeutic and moisturizing

Available in each of these lines: Bar Soaps in 3 sizes, Body cleansers, Foaming Soaps, Floating Bath Fizzies in three packs, single gift or eco-pack. Bath Salts, Sugar or Salt Scrubs, Skin Soothers, Organic scented Coconut oils and Coconut water mists.

Cant decide? We have Sampler packs:
8 pack of Scrubs
8 pack of Skin Soothers
8 pack of Bath Salts
12 hand size soap and shampoo bars in hand crafted bag

Shampoo Bars:Yes, you can wash your hair with them!
Rosemary Green Tea – Clarifying
Lemon Grass & Herb – Conditioning for shiny hair
Tea tree, Spearmint & Clary sage – Scalp treatment

5 Specialty Bars:
Evergreen Loofah Soap – 5 types of evergreen oils
Bergamot & Spice Loofah Soap
Vanilla Bean Amber – with organic vanilla beans
Oatmeal, Honey & Aloe – for sensitive skin with Neem oil
Mauna Kea Thin Mint – Looks, smells like a big thin mint
Lavender Sea Salt Soap (available in full and half bars only. The Hawaiian Bar Soap is also Sea Salt Soap)

Lip Smoothies $4
5 different blends that are layered in flavors so your lips never get bored. Made with conditioning butters, oils and beeswax. ‘Petroleum’ not in our vocabulary

Red Mandarin, Grapefruit, Orange
Lemon, Lime, Tangerine
Pineapple, Coconut, Banana, Mango (Boat Drink)
Vanilla, Coconut, Chocolate
Peppermint, Basil, Spearmint (Herbal Mint)

Custom Gift Baskets available!

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